Carrothead Design

“the world in another perspective”

based upon this slogan, Wolfgang Riegger creates furniture and other objects in his small workshop,
situated north of the Lake Constance.

Either customer-ordered or on his own initiative, he realizes unique pieces as well as serial produced goods;
depending on the effort, in cooperation with manufacturing industries or specialized companies.
At first sight, the products look unpretentious and surprisingly simple, but getting closer,
they convince with elaborated details and high quality materials.
You realize ‘that certain something’.
Whether it`s sitting close to the floor on the carpet furniture, or a tool-less pluggable stool, table or shelving,
Carrothead Design interpretates the housing-theme always from his own point of view.
Reason enough to wonder whats coming up next.

The following shops and showrooms offer you the possibility to check out, try out and buy carrothead-products:

UNIKAT INTERIOR – 7,op der Ahlkërrech – 6776 Grevenmacher